Friday, December 5, 2008

The Light in the Forest - Conrad Richter

I can only guess about how this book might have made it into my library, but how glad I am that it did. The inscription on the front fly leaf is that of the mother of a schoolmate of my mother, and my mother was over thirty years-old when this book was published. That raises the additional question of why would a grandmother have purchased and inscribed a children's book? Maybe she just liked the the story.

The time has come, however, for it to find a new, nourishing home with a fan, or a young boy, approaching third grade.

Conrad Richter's historical novel about a young boy kidnapped in an eighteenth century Indian raid, raised as an Indian family member and rudely returned to his birth family explores loyalties and conflicts, particularly those imposed by one culture that breeds hatred of another. The story is timeless and crosses into our twenty-first century culture wars very well.

This volume is the Third Printing of the First Edition of 1953. Although the binding is strong and the ages clean of marks (save for the inscription noted above) the careless insertion of a Birthday Card damaged pages 125 through 128 disrupting, but not obscuring) one sentence. There is minor shelf wear on the dust jacket.

All images are of the actual book. (Actually they are scans!)

My sons are all over twenty-one now. It is time for a new generation of young people with a yearning for learning to share True Son's experiences.

You can acquire this book for $10.95, including USPS Media Mail shipping, or for $15.95 including USPS Priority Mail shipping.

Payment will be through Pay Pal. After receiving your email confirming your interest int he purchase, I will send you a Pay Pal invoice via email. When the payment is completed, Pay Pal will notify both of us and I will ship with two days.


Rose City Reader said...

I came over to visit from LibraryThing (where I am ggchickapee). Thanks for posting your blog link over there.

This book (a newer edition) is sitting on my TBR shelf. I'll get to it someday.

Bruce Robinson said...

You will not be disappointed when you get around tot his one!

As I researched this title, I was intrigued by some of the reviews that talkeda bout the setting and characters in ways that made me begin turning the pages.

Stop back when you can.